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Click here for the TOP 5 ways to stay fit this winter!

During the cold winter months, you may be asking yourself, "What could I do to stay in shape?". Here are 5 things that you could try to maintain a healthy lifestyle

1. Goal setting

It all starts with having a goal, and making sure that the goal is relevant and realistic is very important. A simple example of a goal could be completing 30 minutes of physical activity a day. With this being said, it's important to make sure that the goal is flexible over the Winter.

2. Stairs

Running and walking up and down stairs in your house or apartment could be a great high intensity workout. To jazz it up try stepping up/down 2 stairs at a time (but be safe!). Another option is to increase the speed, or setting a timer for 30 or 60 seconds and completing exercise during that time period.

3. Ice skating

Skating is a great outdoor activity that could be free, social, and a great workout. Also try skating backwards as it will work other muscles.

4. Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiing is a phenomenal full body workout. You burn lots of calories, improve endurance, and it's very functional (replicates activities of daily living).

5. Stabilization/postural exercises

Exercising with light weights (2lb-8lb) in a specific manner could strengthen the appropriate muscles to draw your posture into the proper positioning and strengthen stabilizing muscles. Our Athletic Therapy and Physiotherapy services help substantially with this. Corrective/Stability exercise is great for Pain relief of certain areas of the body. See our online booking page to register for an appointment today! or give us a call at 204-615-4915

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